Pole Program

We specialize in teaching beginner to advanced pole dancing using our progressive program. We maximize our clients learning by making sure there is only one person per pole. You can start our program at any time and level up at any time once you have completed the 12 class requirement and have a signed skill check list. Skill checks ar done the last class of each month.

Fit Body & Pole is currently offering program, specialty and private instruction classes. Please see our Schedule for full details and check back often for new programs! We can also host pole parties for any occasion, contact us for details and booking!

*You must be 18 years of age to participate and advanced registration is required.

Beginner Pole -

This is our beginner class, no experience needed. We teach all of our basics spins, climbs, and transitions in this class. This  class is full of cardio dancing while we learn our spins and work on our  strength. Heels are optional in this class. We recommend you start without heels first. We teach our prior Levels 1-3 in this class.

Intermediate Pole 

We start to teach you basic inverts in intermediate pole and how to combine them. We continue to work on transitioning, making our dance flow, and building strength. We do start to encourage freestyle dance at this level and add some upper level spins and combination spins.  We teach our prior Levels 4-5 in this class.

Advanced Pole

We continue to challenge you as we add more variations of inverts, climbs, and spins. We still offer the same dance style workout feel with an extended open gym.  Continuing to work on building strength, flow, freestyle, and stamina . We teach our prior levels 6-7 in this class.

Pole Masters 

Pole Masters Fundamentals- In this class we take our basic inverts that we have learned and advance them as well as adding new inverts to our inventory! This class offers a longer open gym for you to get lots of practice, free style song, pole challenges, strengthening, and stretch.

Pole Masters Intermediate- We continue to work on advancing you in your inverts. At this point in our pole program we are learning to combine and sequence some of our knowledge as well as working on different ways to mount and dismount from our inverts.   Examples of inverts we will learn: Superman, Ayesha, Brass monkey, Bow, and many more…

Pole Masters Advanced- Our instructors are amazing at teaching the newest “Tricks” in the pole world. We will continue to advance you and teach you how to make your inverts flow nicely. We will be working hard on strengthening so that we have the strength to do the most advanced “tricks”. We are continuously learning and adding updated moves to this class.