Additional Classes

Unleash Your Freestyle 
This class is all about exploring the art of freestyle. We will be encouraging you and giving you lots of ideas, games, challenges to help you unleash your freestyle. Think dance your heart out, dance like no ones watching, be silly, be sexy, be slinky, be a total badass. Work on your flow and what feels good to you. Bring your heels if you please. All levels welcome. This is instructor lead class.
Down & Dirty 
Down & Dirty is all about getting sexy! This is easy choreography pole class to help explore dancing and bringing out that inner vixen. Think hair flips, leg traces, rolling hips, confidence, and lots of fun! Heels are optional, all levels welcome.
Liquid Motion 75 minute class.  
Come get lost in time with this incredibly sexy fluid class. Kismet teaches you the fundamentals of liquid motion, you learn to melt into the movement, feel the music, let your mind go, and just move from the heart. Leg warmers, and knee pads recommended. No experience needed. Beginners welcome

Chair & Booty Work combo class

This is one of our most popular classes. We are really excited to teach people how to dance using the chair as a prop. Will be adding all the sexy flair of our pole classes and then transitioning into some booty shaken’ fun. No experience needed!

Pole Boot Camp

This class is geared towards building strength! We will be dancing and adding a lot of strength moves that you can do on the pole. We will be mixing it up using different  equipment around the room!

Floor Tricks 

Come in and work on different ways of mounting the pole, dismounting, forearm/head/handstands and transitions. To includes flips on the floor and different rolls. Knee pads & leg warmers recommended! 2nd half of class will be open gym so you can practice on anything you are working on!

Spin Pole Basics

Looking to try something different? Come try out the poles on spin mode. We will teach some of the basics upright poses as well as inverting while spinning! This class is geared for all levels.

Spin Pole Advanced

You must be ale to invert easily and confidently to join this class. We will be working on upright holds, inverting, and combining advanced Moves all while your pole is on spin mode. Ideally you have had some experience in the spin pole basics class before trying this class.

Lap Dance 

No experience necessary! We will teach you all you need to know in this hot sexy class. We teach you the art of lap dance and we play with a choreographed lap dance that you can use at home.

Intro to Pole

This class is dedicated to giving you the chance to check out our style of teaching, try a spin, and experience our workout. It is a great class try before registering for our beginner program- optional

Flexibility & Contortion 

Are you having trouble touching your toes or getting into the splits? Whatever your flexibility goal is, we can help you! This class is designed to help you increase your flexibility. We work towards leg flexibility, chest  opener, back flexibility, side splits, and more. All Levels Welcome. No Experience needed.

Cardio Pole/ Open Gym

Looking for an extra workout during the week? This is a heart pumping calorie burning class that includes cardio dancing, spins, climbs, and inverts. Don’t worry, we call the class to pole levels! The second half of the class is dedicated nailing skills that you have been working on in your leveled classes. Best for current clients in leveled classes.

Open Gym

Think of this class as a chance to get Pole Tutoring and extra practice! This pole play class can be just what you need. We open the studio for you to come in and practice. An instructor will be there to help you warm up, spot, and tutor you on any spins and inverts. Play on our spin poles, create new combo, work on your flow, stretch, mingle with your pole friends! Please note, No new spins or inverts will be taught during this time. All Levels welcome


Coming soon in June! This is a class that you dance using drumming sticks to keep the beat of the music as you work your muscles. More to come