Boot Camp 4 Week Challenge Testimonials
*If someone would have told me 6 months ago that I would be working out at 5am three times a week I would have said no way. I have lost over 10 inches since starting boot camp. My balance is better, I can see huge changes in my body (I can see definition in my waist), and have more energy. Kristi is a fantastic instructor! She is encouraging, upbeat and checks to make sure everyone is doing ok. Every workout is different, and none of them are boring. It is fun and I look forward to it. (I never thought I would say exercising is fun but here I am.)
Deb Schaller, Feb 2013
*I’ve had memberships at other gyms and have wasted so much money not going to them. However, once I tried Kristy’s 5:00 AM Boot Camp I was addicted to it. Let me just say that I’m not a morning person at all, but Kristy makes getting up that early so much fun. I’m starting my fourth round of Boot Camp and have lost a total of 37 inches all over my body, I’m down 2 sizes and 30 pounds. I’ve never had this much success and I know I owe it all to Kristy and her Boot Camp! It’s so great being able to feel and see the results in such a short time. We take measurements at the start and end of each 4 week session and it’s amazing to see the numbers fall off. I’m not going to lie, the first week is the hardest and she lets you know that. I can’t imagine not working out with Kristy anymore, she motivates and encourages you to give her more. I’m learning that my old excuse of “I can’t” has now become “Yes, I can”. Give her 4 short weeks and she will change your life.
Candie, Feb 2013

*I wish I would’ve met Kristy and known about her Boot Camp Challenges long ago! The 5am class is awesome! It is a challenge, but worth every bit! I haven’t been this toned and defined in years! Hands down I have seen the most results from this class and I have tried everything from videos to other gyms. Every class has something new, there is no boredom in this class! I have more confidence in myself and energy than ever before! I feel this class has improved my strength, which is perfect as I move up in levels for Pole Classes. Kristy’s energy and motivation is infectious, she is an amazing instructor. She pays special attention to every detail so that your moves are correct. I couldn’t have asked for more! This class is addictive! Once I began to see results it just made me want more! I look forward to every 4 week challenge! I strongly recommend this class!

Sasha~ Feb 2013


Pole Class Testimonials 

“I never looked forward to working out until I started Michelle’s classes. She makes working out fun and builds your confidence and strength at the same time. Pole dancing is a great way to have fun and learn to be sexy and strong. For the first time in my life I am proud of my strength and can do push-ups! She is the best!”
-Colleen, Attorney, 29

“Michelle is an amazing instructor- very motivating & inspiring. Great dance moves, great tricks, great workout, great fun = great exercise! You’ll feel strong and sexy in no time!”
-Katie, Stay at Home Mom, 44

“As a teacher, I know how hard it is to reach all of your students and to give them what they need. Michelle is an AMAZING teacher. She knows when to give us encouragement and when to push us. It is a great feeling when she yells “Nice Ladies!” over the music during the workout. I’ve joined gyms in the past and have never felt this good after a workout. You have great music for over an hour, sweat like never before, and meet amazing women along the way. The confidence and self-esteem you gain while working out can not be described. I would (and do) recommend pole dancing to all of my friends! Anyone thinking about signing up…go for it! You won’t regret it!”
-Carrie, Teacher, 34

“I started training with Michelle when my daughter was only 6 weeks old. Her amazing workouts have transformed my body and have given me the confidence to explore my inner strength. Michelle’s energy and dedication have enabled me to master tricks I never thought possible!”
-Kelly, Teacher/Stay at Home Mom, 34

“Coming to Michelle’s pole class is the highlight of my week. She always creates fun and energetic routines for us and incorporates all kinds of dance moves to keep it interesting. She definitely kicks my butt every week with her workout. I never thought I’d be able to do the things I can do on a pole. Everytime I said “I can’t” she always encouraged me to try, and now I am in advanced levels doing things that on day one I said I’d never do. Michelle makes it look so easy and teaches in a way that the tricks are easy to pick up. I’d recommend Michelle’s pole class to anyone. If you want a great workout and want to have fun while doing it, Michelle is your girl!”
- Kristen, Human Resources Specialist, 27

“I love Michelle’s classes – they are always high energy and keep me moving. I feel better about myself even walking down the street after taking the pole dance classes. It amazes me to see how much strength I have in my body after her classes.”
-Jessica, Manager, 37

“I love Michelle’s high energy classes because they are fun and a great workout without being seductive and overly sexy. Her personal attention ensures you’ll get every trick and every spin. I love her classes.”
- Megan, Software Consultant, 35

“Michelle’s a great motivational teacher, helping you learn from the start that it’s not how you do it, but that you are doing it. And it’s not just about dancing (because I am no dancer!), instead you are getting stronger, more graceful and certainly more confident. She’ll keep you moving and the time goes fast, almost too fast! Michelle plays awesome music and keeps it fresh every week. Best of all, you’ve got a great story to tell friends and share with the other women (who quickly become like sisters) in your class!”
- Kelly, Market Research, 32

“Michelle’s pole class is an extreme workout but you have fun and feel extremely confident. It is a great way to get your body back after babies.”
- Jossette, Marketing Development