Heels, Feels, & Pole Performance Workshop, 2 Parts

Heels, Feels, and Pole – Performance 2 Part Workshop.  This is much more than just a choreography workshop. In PART ONE (90 minutes) we will focus on learning a 60 second choreography, and don’t worry… it’s with the pole! Slow and sexy vibes. The movement will allow you to take time and really feel the choreography to create moments. We will focus on learning the steps, refining movement and unique personality and what the song means to you.

In PART TWO (you must attend part one to attend part two) which would be the following week (90 min or more). I will bring my lights, and camera, and stabilizers so that we can film this dance. I can film solos or duets, unfortunately not a large group. Bring whatever outfit and heels you want that make you feel confident, comfortable and sexy! Of course we will review the choreography first, and then we will start the filming process. This is a workshop about uplifting energies, positivity and support. I want to show you guys that you’re capable of so much in your performance capabilities. And seeing it through a different perspective always brings that out! – Julien

*NOTE with the filming, I will be making individual videos and send them to each person. I would love to post my students with the choreography but if you are against me posting anything publicly please let me know at the workshop!

This is a 2 day workshop and cost includes both days.
Week 1: August 30th 7:00pm-8:30pm
Week 2: September 6th 7:00pm-8:30pm

Early Bird Pricing/by August 23rd $55
Standard Pricing/after August 23rd $65

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